Character Breakdowns...

MURRAY:  (Michael Gross cast)  Male, Caucasian, 60's, A chain smoker. He has been running the same bar, Murray's, for 30 years and now wants to move on with his life but doesn't know where to. Often married and divorced, he has seen it all from his corner of the world. He is selling the bar and going to tour the country in his Winnebago.


BENNETT:  (John Savage Cast)   Male, Caucasian, 60's. Lawyer, fussy, high maintenance and meticulous groomer in a masculine way. Good singer. Bennett and Murray have known each other their entire lives. Murray had an affair with Bennett's woman and Bennett has not spoken to, nor forgiven Murray since.


ROXANNE:  (Eileen Grubba cast)  Female, Caucasian, Mid 30's. She has been working at Murray's for 17 years now. She is still very attractive despite the years of hard work and living she wears on her face. Career cocktail waitress, mother of a 10 year old girl and wife of an unemployed alcoholic womanizer, she's not sure how she's going to feed her daughter after Murray's bar closes.


HUTCH:  (Jerry Kernion cast) Male, Caucasian, mid 40's. Beer gut and barfly. Looks like a plumber but is actually a registered nurse. He has been pining away for Roxanne for years now.


AUTUMN:    (Elina Madison cast)  Female, Caucasian, Late 20's, early 30’s. DR's girlfriend. A long haired leggy biker babe. A recent psychology graduate who is ready and willing to analyze anyone and everyone for free. In her enthusiasm to fix psyches, Autumn never notices DR's folksy wisdom is far closer to the mark than the Freudian mumbo-jumbo she spouts. Gorgeous and curvy. The kind of girl that turns heads when she walks into a bar. Brief partial nudity.


DR:    (Eric Erickson cast)  Male, Any ethnicity, Mid-late 40's. A mild mannered biker dressed in leather. Philosopher, world traveler, and humanitarian. Scruffy, maybe a ponytail.


NEIL:    (Chris Pentzell cast)   Male, Any ethnicity, Mid-late 30's. Corporate vice president type. Has been married about ten years with two kids but is not happy. That's why he is about to have an office romance. Worries about what other people will think to the point it paralyzes him.


DAWN:  (Rachel Alig cast)  Female, Any ethnicity, Late 20's to early 30's. Never been married. Has an entry level job at Neil's company. Very aggressive at work and will do pretty much anything to move up the corporate ladder and get her way, which explains why she's with Neil. Vindictive and manipulative.


SKIP:   (Lars Slind cast)   Male, Caucasian, Early to mid 20's. A Marine in every sense of the word, from his muscular build to his Neanderthal brain and locker room vocabulary. 'Stiffler' in a Marine uniform.


NANDO:   (Andres Perez-Molina cast)  Male, Hispanic, Mid 20's. A Marine, but almost a total opposite of Skip. He is Latino, a great cook, has a big trophy and an even bigger secret he is trying to keep.


DANICE:    (Paula Jai Parker cast)   Female, African-American, Mid to late 30's. Lawyer. She is professional at all times, from her dress to her lifestyle to her family relationships. She has just pulled the plug on her comatose mother, per her mother's will, and her sister will never let her forget it. Danice is more of a mother to her baby sister than their mother wa3s.


YOLANDA:   (Shanna Malcolm cast)    Female, African-American, late 20's. A BIG girl already, it's hard to tell that she is ripely pregnant with her second child. She is loud and obnoxious, probably spends her time being as different from Danice as she possibly can. Is very jealous and resentful of her older sister and goes out of her way to be confrontational with her. She hasn't a care in the world, since she knows her sister Danice will always bail her out and help her out of any mess she gets herself into.


FATHER GARy:    (Joe Hart cast)   Male, Any ethnicity, Late 30's to early 50's. Drifter trying to find himself. Recently lost in the woods during a “man bonding with nature” explo3500ration and suffering from hypothermia, his ministry background complicates his, as well as everyone else in the bar, abilities to come to terms with the meaning of life.



EMILISA:  (Rachel Gage cast) Ten year old daughter of Roxanne and Craig. Wise and calm beyond her years.

John Savage