Be a Part of Our fun Movie!  Check Out Opportunties Below...

Happy Hour

Two Coasters and "Special Thanks" on our social media pages.

Well Drink 

Set of (4) Coasters and "Special Thanks" on our social media pages.

Bottle of Wine

Set of (4) Coasters, "Special Thanks" on our social media pages, and our small movie poster.

Round of Drinks

Set of (4) Coasters, Your very own  Jackalope,  "Special Thanks" credit in the films end title credits and a DVD of the movie.
Open Bar


Set of (8) Coasters, Associate Producer credit on IMDB,  in the film,  a lifetime member of our "Producer Group" on Facebook where you see advance clips, we ask your opinions, and you get to watch the movie being made,  the movie DVD,  your own Jackalope.

Equity Partner

For anyone who wants to contribute $1,000 or more, you are able to become an equity partner and Co-Producer in the film.  Please contact:  Linda Palmer or Brian Beatty for more information about this opportunity. or (310) 801-0885