Eric Paul Erickson

as "D.R."

Eric Erickson – The Angry Viking - graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Theatre and spent his early acting years performing in theatres across the country in roles ranging from Hamlet and Mercutio to Conrad Birdie and Charlie Chaplin.


Moving away from acting, Eric began to write full time as a reporter for the Roswell Daily Record and the Chicago Tribune’s City News Service before freelancing for other newspapers and magazines including the Chicago Sun-Times. During this time, Eric developed an interest in photography and began to shoot for the Associated Press before eventually opening a multimedia studio Temple of the Cave.


With a return to acting in 2013, Eric decided it was time to take drastic steps to change his life, losing over 50 pounds and reshaping his body and mindset. His career took on a new direction and soon he was appearing on shows such as the wrestling production “Lucha Underground” and “Comedy Bang Bang!” It also led to modeling opportunities such as the cover of Melissa Foster’s “Tamed by Love” and the 2015 Man and Machine motorcycle calendar. In 2015 Eric will appear in the feature films "Last Call at Murray's" with Michael Gross and John Savage and the action film "David and Goliath." As a voiceover artist he has hosted several radio shows, podcasts and has appeared in commercials and dramatic audio productions.

Eric gained the name “The Angry Viking” while doing stand-up comedy and has performed on stages including The World Famous Comedy Store, Garrett Morris’ Downtown Comedy Club and with The Rebels of Comedy. He even spent some time as the master of ceremonies in one of Wrigleyville’s largest sports bars, working a crowd of thousands of Cubs fans every night.


As a writer, he has co-authored two books; "The Civil War" and "Weird, Scary and Unusual." His 2005 Chicago Sun-Times feature piece “Over the Ocean, Under the knife” was the culmination of travels to Malaysia and Thailand. In 2006 he presented his research paper “The Deluge Myths- Correlations, Separations and Oddities” at CSU-F. and in 2005 he was invited to teach English and writing at Hankook University in Seoul, South Korea. He has written numerous plays, audio productions and screenplays.



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